Big Order • Anime

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Big Order is a ten episode long anime about “Orders,” people who have been granted wishes by a fairy, their wish gives them power in the form of orders that they can use. The story starts off ten years after the “great destruction” took place, centered around a highschool boy named Eiji Hoshimiya, an order, whose only concern is his sick sister.

The Premise of the show is rather intriguing, but one that seems unoriginal. The clashing of powers as the story progresses leaves you with the taste of excitement, though nothing that prominently stands out from any other superpowered action anime. Its varied characters throughout is worth noting, as the protagonist meets many different personalities, some to fill the romance role, and others as an obstacle or rival, this is tastefully done. Big Order is filled with its share of mature moments, like a bath scene or a limb being cut off, but it also has its comedic moments in the form of characters personalities and some romantic scenes trickled about.

This show is set in Japan after a catastrophe that left a lot of the infrastructure in ruin. The magnificent artwork displayed in Big Order extends to both the characters and scenic cities and destruction. This anime is centered around cities and won’t see much of anything but the cold cement of city life, but the story fits well with the ambience. Where Big Order’s artwork shines brightest is the fighting scenes, making them all the more exciting to watch. Be ready to see blood spill if you’re going to watch it. The director, Nobuhara Kamanaka, doesn’t shy away from the carnage of a battle and it’s portrayed well in this show.

The story itself is something all too familiar, a boy overcoming the obstacles of the world through his own willpower and strength. This doesn’t leave any sour taste in my mouth however, as sometimes it can be refreshing to see the same story in a different light. Though the encompassing theme of the story is similar to a plethora of different anime, it’s a breath of fresh air with its interwoven genre dynamic, bringing together different genres to fit together nicely within the flow of the story without hindering progression.

Overall Big Order tries to be a new take on an old narrative but seems to go stale in some aspects. It is worth mentioning that although its story is unoriginal, it isn’t dull and will satisfy someone looking for this type of anime. Its animation is pleasing to the eye and doesn’t fall short in its fight scenes. Its variation of character and personality gives a sense of immersion into this short-lived, 10 episode anime. Big Order, though worth watching, isn’t something I’d be recommending over more widely known action anime anytime soon.

I rate it 68%